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We are a management consulting firm in Vancouver, BC, helping small- and medium-sized businesses solve their business challenges and become more efficient and profitable.

The combination of below four factors set us apart from our competition:

  1. Our adherence to the highest ethical standards ensures we put your interests before ours. As CFA charterholders, we abide by the CFA Institute Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
  2. Our extensive industry experience provides you with the right pragmatic advice for a winning project. Our core team and our network of subject matter experts provide the deep knowledge base your business needs to win
  3. Our modern approach to consulting gives you the edge you need. We leverage technology and data in our consulting process to create pragmatic fact-based solutions that help you stand out from your competition
  4. Our team’s formal training provides the necessary skillset to help you find your desired solutions. Our advanced education and certifications in relevant fields of study ensure our clients’ projects have the necessary knowhow behind them to achieve their objectives


Our clients are small- and medium-sized businesses from various industries.  They need expert outside advice to assist them in identifying their business challenges, finding practical solutions and implementing those solutions.  The result they expect is more success whether due to increased sales or reduced costs.  Our clients face challenges in financial planning and budgeting, operations and processes, data manipulation and exploration, and strategic planning. They seek our services due to the objective expert analysis and recommendations that are not available to them internally due to a lack of expertise or resources, or the unbiased attitude and perspective that we as outside experts can provide.

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Although our methodologies and expertise are applicable to a wide range of businesses in various industries, we have accumulated many years of direct experience in two Focus Industries that can be put to work for our clients.

In addition to internally using our suite of Services in our analyses for every client project, we also offer these services on a stand-alone basis for clients who have identified and require a particular service to address their need.

The final deliverable is a report that clearly identifies the challenge the business is facing, the objectives sought, and the solution presented as recommendations to be implemented by management. The final deliverable is backed up by the analyses performed, the methodologies used, and the necessary supporting data and documentations.

In the case of a project that includes implementation by us, the final deliverable will include both a report as discussed above and support for the implementation of the recommendations contained therein to effect the necessary changes in the organization.

We came together to start this practice out of our desire and interest to solve business challenges and help companies in our community prosper. Business is our passion and we are dedicated to making a meaningful positive impact on the organizations with which we work.

We are results driven and work with businesses until they achieve their desired outcomes - that is our promise to our clients. We are guided by our core value pillars of integrity, empathy, and curiosity – these form the basis of all our interactions with clients.


  • Offer a transparent, reliable, and predictable consulting process.
  • Offer financial, operational, and analytics solutions, enabled by technology.
  • Offer creative solutions, based on cutting edge knowledge and approach.
  • Take a long-term approach to our client engagements – we are invested in our clients’ success.

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We Give Where We Live

We proudly support and donate to the following causes:

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Our Team


Our two principals, Mahmoud and Arash, met at UBC while working on their MBA degrees a decade ago and have been friends and colleagues since. Through studying and working together, Mahmoud and Arash discovered they are bound by common values. They also learned they both have a professional interest in sharing their knowledge and experience with other business owners and contributing to the success of their businesses. Given their shared values and professional interests they decided to form a business partnership with the objective of helping the small- and medium-sized business community by providing business consulting services in the areas of finance, operations, data and analytics, and strategy.

In addition to our two principals who manage and supervise every client project, we also have a team of subject matter experts who join us on projects as needed to add the necessary specific skills required in a particular consulting project. Our subject matter experts specialize in finance, operations, marketing, human resources, and data analytics and business intelligence. With such an approach and such expert resources at their disposal our clients can rest assured that we have the right team to tackle their project and deliver their desired results.

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