Business Diagnostics

Most businesses have inefficiencies, challenges or overlooked opportunities in their structure or operations. Sometimes these seem too small and unimportant to attract management’s attention or warrant any action. While these small issues may seem harmless, they still negatively affect the profitability of the business and could turn into much bigger problems if left unchecked. Other times the inefficiencies, challenges or overlooked opportunities are significant and a threat to the viability of the business. In these cases, they manifest themselves in reduced profitability and potentially a host of other problems for the business. The challenge for management is that sometimes it is unable to correctly identify these problems, find their sources and create solutions to fix them. This is where the objective perspective, expertise and specialized tools of a consultant can prove invaluable.

Our Business Diagnostics service is designed to examine the business to find the sources of problems faced by the business and offer effective solutions to fix them. We use a variety of analyses and tools to identify the problems and their sources and formulate a creative action plan to rectify them.

This service comprises the following stages:

  • Data gathering
  • Data analysis
  • Synthesis
  • Action planning and Recommendations
  • Implementation (if implementation assistance required by client)

Any business can benefit from this service; businesses with minor or hidden issues can enjoy improved profitability, while those suffering from more serious problems threatening their viability can resume or obtain success.

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Financial Planning & Analysis “FP&A”

Operating at the intersection of traditional finance, strategy, and operations, FP&A has emerged as an essential function in progressive, forward-thinking organizations. We act as a dedicated partner to the business, providing value-added reporting, fact-based analysis, and financial planning services in support of management decision making.

Financial Planning

Financial planning involves translating an organization’s strategic and operational plans into measurable, forward-looking projections that clearly demonstrate to management the financial outcomes of their decisions today. Financial planning is the backbone of any effective finance function, inherently introducing structure and discipline to an organization’s support rhythms. Through providing detailed annual budgets and long-range plans, built in close collaboration with operators, we can assist management in more objectively evaluating the future impact of key decisions being made in the organization today. Key deliverables include:

  • Annual budget preparation – significant process involving multiple stakeholders, and requiring effective alignment of strategic goals with the financial plan.
  • Monthly/quarterly re-forecasting of key budget assumptions.
  • Liaising with Board of Directors, or financing partners to secure approval of the annual financial plan.
  • Projections of forward capital expenditures, and tracking of actual vs. budget project spend, arising from approved business case submissions.
  • Long range planning, considering the impact of strategic decisions with longer-term implications, and changing market trends.

Management Reporting

Management reporting takes traditional financial reporting to the next level. We develop reporting that focuses on “telling a story”, by linking financial results with business drivers and operational metrics. The result is a business-oriented output that provides actionable insights. Key deliverables include:

  • KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) providing insight into business and operational performance. Developing actionable metrics that speak to management and operations groups.
  • Business performance vs. budget (annual plan) and prior year results, with a focus on key business drivers, and evaluating emerging trends.
  • Detailed gross margin and profitability reporting, considering impacts of business drivers, changing sales mix, and variable vs. fixed operating expenses.
  • Outlook revisions and quarterly guidance, based on updates in financial forecast or changes in the market.

Financial Analysis

Whether our client is looking to better understand key profitability drivers, acquire a competitor’s business, assess a potential partnership opportunity, or decide on a build vs. buy decision, we support these decision points by providing thorough financial modeling and valuation services. These analyses are built ground-up from a thorough assessment of key business drivers and are translated into relevant financial metrics. Key deliverables include:

  • Profitability and contribution margin analysis
  • Discounted cash flow and comparable valuation
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Scenario modeling
  • Monte-Carlo analysis

Analysis Communication

We take our data-driven analyses and generate communication documents, such as memos, fact-based recommendations, and presentation slides. These communication vehicles will be readily presentable to professional audiences such as a Board of Directors, executives, investors, and financiers.

Setup of a New FP&A Function

Whether our client is looking for contract FP&A support services, improving an existing FP&A function in their organization, or establishing an entirely new FP&A structure “from scratch”, we can help. In addition, we can help our clients establish a standardized business case process for requesting funds or capital – ensuring all initiatives are evaluated consistently and objectively across the organization.

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Data & Analytics and Business Intelligence

The advent of computer systems becoming an integral part of every operational process has made big data and analytics table-stakes for any business. By employing scalable tools and leveraging the expertise of our data and analytics talent, we bring decision-making insights and meaning to our clients’ transactional, operational, and financial data regardless of size and volume.

Reporting and Analysis

Whether as part of due diligence for portfolio investments, or for uncovering nuggets of insight from client operations, we take transactional and operational data to create dashboards (MS Power BI or Tableau), reporting tools, and ad-hoc analyses. We have the expertise to build the required back-end systems so our clients can always refresh the same reports and analyses when new data becomes available. We complement this technical expertise with business acumen and analytics experience, gained from working with fortune 500 companies to ask the right questions and elicit actionable insights.

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Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI)

ML and AI have revolutionized the role of traditional statistical analysis in business. These tools allow organizations to find patterns, relationships, and causality in their big data by automating the pattern-recognition task – in contrast with legacy methodologies that required significant human effort. We have access to the latest talent from local universities as well as cutting-edge algorithms and technologies to address our clients’ ML and AI needs. Additionally, these algorithms and the underlying computing infrastructure can be accessed affordably thanks to open-source and cloud advancements of recent years.

Operationalizing a New Data and Analytics team

For clients looking to setup and enable their own data and analytics capability, we can lead this journey for them. We are able to support either an on-premise or cloud implementation, and have the right experience to fit client needs. Our consultants have started in-house agile data and analytics functions at fortune 500 organizations and can bring this valuable experience to clients.

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Operations Improvement and Automation

We work with client firms to identify operational inefficiencies and make improvements to their processes. Operational challenges are a main source of difficulty and cost for many businesses and present a great opportunity to boost the bottom-line through process improvements. We have the capability to undertake projects in every aspect of the operations of a service or product business to make a tangible positive impact.

Process Analysis, Design and Control

Process analysis and design considers whether a process is designed to achieve competitive advantage aligned with business strategy, eliminates steps that don’t add value, and maximizes customer value and wins orders. With the help of powerful tools such as process mapping and value stream mapping we have the expertise to analyze current processes and design efficient new processes that eliminate extra steps, waste, duplication and delay. Once an efficient and robust process has been designed technology and equipment can then be employed to add process control to a system.

Demand Forecasting and Resource Planning

Demand forecasting is a critical aspect of every business. This is because forecasts drive many important decisions in a business and closely affect resource planning. These resources include human resources, capacity, and supply chain assets. Efficient planning of these resources often has a substantial effect on costs and, therefore, the performance of a business. There are several qualitative and quantitative methods used for forecasting demand each with its own characteristics and merits. It is important to recognize which of the available methods would be applicable and yield the best possible outcome in a given situation. We leverage our in-depth data and analytics capabilities to help our clients derive meaningful forecasts to help them plan their activities and reduce costs.

Quality Management

Quality can be a source of competitive advantage in many businesses and can therefore prove crucial in many situations. Quality management can improve the performance and profitability of a business through two levers: a) gains in sales (e.g., due to lower time-to-market or increased customer satisfaction), and b) reduced costs (e.g., due to lower waste or increased productivity). Total Quality Management (TQM) is a powerful concept with applicable tools that can deliver outstanding results for an organization. Some of the tools we can employ to help our clients implement a TQM program in their organizations include continuous improvement, just-in-time, 5s, six sigma, and lean operations.

Supply Chain and Inventory Management

Supply chain deals with the interaction of a business with its suppliers and customers. The supply chain is a critical aspect of every business and a source of significant risk and cost, and at the same time a great opportunity to gain a competitive advantage and boost profitability.

Inventory management deals with the delicate balance between the significant cost of holding inventory, in all its forms, and the ability to meet customer demands and exceed customer expectations. There are many inventory management tools and techniques available and the adoption and execution of an effective system is paramount to sustained success.

The selection and implementation of an appropriate and robust supply chain and inventory management system consistent with the overall strategy of a business can mean the difference between a successful and a struggling business.  We leverage our expertise and experience to help our clients make the optimal choices in this area.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

RPA is to business processes in the information age as robotics and machinery are to manufacturing in the industrial age. Robotics and machinery brought automation to laborious manufacturing tasks in the late 1900s. Today, RPA can automate manual and non-value-added tasks involving computers. If our clients have deterministic and repetitive tasks that involve their computers and the internet, we will be able to automate those tasks for them using this technology. RPA can be thought of as intelligent virtual robots that repetitively and reliably execute the same tasks in computer software as their human counterparts do manually.

Benefits of leveraging RPA include:

  • Increased reliability of executing mundane and manual tasks
  • Reduced mistakes and errors
  • Ability to scale capacity for repetitive and deterministic tasks
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Ability to record an audit trail of completed tasks for future investigation
  • Easy to implement and spin up
  • Minimal upfront investment
  • Integration with our clients’ current IT systems


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Leadership Support, Project Management, and Implementation

Discovering and formulating the necessary initiatives and actions to take to move a business towards its goals is only part of a successful consulting project. An equally important part is the implementation and execution of those initiatives and actions to yield real results. Often clients need the assistance of their consultants to support and lead them through the implementation of the recommended changes or initiatives. This is very understandable since clients would like to ensure that consultants make recommendations that are appropriate for them given their resources, capabilities and budget, and that the recommendations will have the intended effect. Moreover, some clients don’t have the internal resources or expertise to implement the recommendations themselves and need the help of their consultants to do so.

Our Leadership Support, Project Management, and Implementation service ensures our clients have the help and support they need to see our recommendations through after a consulting project. We will provide our clients with as much support and supervision as they feel they require to successfully implement the work that needs to be performed following a consulting project. We offer our Leadership Support, Project Management, and Implementation service following or as part of every consulting project we undertake for clients who require it.

This service includes:

  • Helping clients obtain the necessary resources to successfully implement the project
  • Working with clients and their staff to ensure everyone clearly understands the tasks to be performed
  • Scheduling and performing regular review meetings to monitor the progress of the project and provide direction and advice
  • Measuring performance to ensure that the project is performing as anticipated

Restructuring or Downsizing

Market conditions, consumer tastes, and industry dynamics change over time.  In response, organizations need to transform and restructure themselves to stay competitive and profitable. At times, they may even have to close down parts of their business to allow for sharper focus on the core aspects of the business. The key to a successful turnaround is to ensure all stakeholders, most importantly employees, are treated with fairness, dignity, and respect. We have direct hands-on experience in the area of planning and executing restructuring, turnaround, and closure projects that also ensure effective and efficient communication with all stakeholders. We can help our clients build and execute their turnaround playbook.

Examples of our past projects include:

  • Scaled closure of 13 stores of a national retailer
  • Consolidation of two retail brands which resulted in the closing of ~60 stores and the rebranding of another ~60 stores, and the creation of a new post-consolidation culture and brand identity
  • Restructuring of the front-line staff job descriptions, job expectations, and employee benefits of a national retailer which led to increased employee satisfaction, staff expertise, and customer satisfaction

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Strategy Analysis and Formulation

We bring a modern approach to strategy analysis. We formulate strategies by complementing business knowledge, experience and intuition with company and market data to create a fact-based path forward.

What is Strategy?

Industry Analysis

One of the most important and basic tasks a business must undertake to inform strategy formulation is analysis of the industry in which it operates. This is a fundamental step in the strategy formulation process, as it allows the company to understand the forces that shape its industry. By identifying these forces and analyzing their impact on the business, we help the business understand its industry and position itself most effectively within it.

Identity Analysis

An important step in shaping business strategy and the positioning of a business is to evaluate its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. An analysis of the strengths of the business will help identify a sustainable competitive advantage or other potential key success factors. Identification of the business’s weaknesses, opportunities and threats will also provide valuable insight to guide strategy formulation. We work with businesses to help them identify their identity factors and translate them into a credible and effective value proposition.

Value Proposition

Value proposition is what a business brings to the table to separate it from the competition. By performing industry and identity analyses, we work with businesses to create an effective value proposition that will help them stand out in the marketplace.

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning

Every business must understand its target market to effectively communicate its value proposition. Targeting the correct audience leads to an efficient use of resources and the best results possible. Segmentation, targeting and positioning divides the overall market based on relevant dimensions, and targets the appropriate segment of that market for engagement. We help our clients achieve this through the use of market research and other analytical tools.

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